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Maggie Rogers at Berns

A very brilliant artistry

Maggie Rogers at Berns

You have probably seen the clip where Pharrell Williams cries to Maggie Roger’s song “Alaska”. The viral video was the starting point for a very brilliant artistry. With her unique fusion of folk music and  R&B, Maggie Rogers has proved that the hype wasn’t temporary. In 2017 she released the debut EP “Now That The Light Is Fading”. A title that could reflect on the fear that Maggie Rogers would disappear when her 15 minutes of fame was over. An understandable but, as it turned out, unjustified concern. On March 8th we welcome this star to Berns. Read more here>>

Price: SEK 350
When: March 8
Where: Berns, Berzelii Park

Start: March 8, 2019, 8:00 pm