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Meet Steffen

Meet Steffen

Meet Steffen

Bank Hotel has recently received the prestigious award “Travelers Choice 2020” by Tripadvisor. We asked Steffen Sander, Hotel Manager, about this.

Congratulations on the award! What does this recognition mean to you and Bank Hotel? Thanks a million! To have the honour of being one of the very best hotels out of 161 in Stockholm does mean a lot to us. Despite the fact that the current situation in regards to Covid-19 has had a huge negative impact on the tourism industry, Bank Hotel managed to achieve an occupancy that was almost as 3 times as high than at other 5-star hotels in town. Due to all excellent reviews and pictures from grateful guests, we experienced a huge increase in bookings and we were lucky to attract and retain many guests who stayed elsewhere before when being in Stockholm. Trusted reviews on TripAdvisor’s site do count a lot and influence many potential guests, so Tripadvisor is an extremely important marketing and booking channel for us.

What is the most fun thing with your job? To socialize and to meet that many different kind of people when being at work, in addition to have the honour of having a highly motivated and dedicated team to work with!

Best dancing song: I wish I could dance, however, I do belong to the group of people remaining seated in the bar. IF there is no chance to escape the dance floor, however, Veronica Maggios “Jag kommer” is one of my absolute favourites!

Best place to be at in Stockholm: Since I love kayaking, the best place is in the middle of the Lake Mälaren – such a great feeling to see the Swedish capital from the water!

Bad habits: I always check my phone, at least 3 times per day, if and which reviews have been published for Bank Hotel. On a more private site, I can never adjust the correct amount of toothpaste – I probably take as 5 times as much as other people, which is extremely annoying for my company when being on vacation together

Most delicious food I know: Steak tartare, no matter what time it is!