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Team Bank Hotel

Meet Team Bank Hotel

We want to introduce you to our wonderful team at Bank Hotel! Get to know the Bankers that will help you with everything you can think of and a little bit more. See you at Bank Hotel!

Lisa Lindwall

Lisa Lindwall is our hotel manager and has lived in New York.

What do you take with you from your time in New York?

“Above all, I take with me the high pace and pulse, the city that lives around the clock. Also experiences from restaurants that offer new flavors and decor that takes one to other countries.”

Cornelia Honti

Cornelia Honti is an Online Sales & Revenue Coordinator with 10 years of experience and has been with us since 2021.

What is the most difficult or fun thing about your job?

“Most difficult: system crash. The most fun: package development with partners and the direct feedback I get on the work that I do. “

Ditas Jonsson

Ditas is Housekeeping Manager and has worked at Bank Hotel since 2020. According to her colleagues, she is a real “power woman”.

What gives you energy?

“All nice colleagues, the fact that I love what I do and all the challenges. There is always something happening and there is always something to do.”

Anna-Karin Molin

Anna-Karin is Sales Manager and has been with us at Bank Hotel since before the opening in 2018.

What is your best memory?

“It’s the first day when we were able to open the bronze doors for the very first time. The feeling of finally getting to check in the first guest after all the work we put in.”

Desiré Kjellgren

Desiré Kjellgren is our CEO of Bank Hotel and has a long experience in the industry.

What is the best thing about working at a hotel?

“All the fantastic staff I have the honor to guide. When the staff thrive, so do the guests. That as well as the pulse and the atmosphere.”


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