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Guest Appearance by Sayan Isaksson


This summer star chef Sayan Isaksson is making a guest appearance at our best-kept secret BooBook. Sayan will offer a unique experience where he personally stands by the grill and prepares his version of a barbecue. The Asian cuisine is as always close to Sayan’s heart and this barbecue will be no exception.

Before the opening of restaurant Nour Sayan expressed that he wanted it to feel like coming home to someone for dinner. Now, you have the opportunity to come home to Sayan’s summerstay for a barbecue dinner. This guest appearance is designed for smaller parties and gives an intimate and exclusive feeling where you experience the preparation of the menu up close.

Sayan’s interest in food started early. He wanted to become a chef at the age of 12. Sayan recently opened restaurant Nour, a contemporary restaurant community with the foundation in Nordic produce, sourced with the highest respect for the planet. The inspiration comes from primarily Japan but also from trips Sayan have made to Thailand, Hong Kong and the Middle East.

This unique experience can be booked from June 1st to July 11th for 6 to 12 people.

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