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Eilert Smith Hotel

Eilert Smith Hotel


A small hotel that makes a big impression. Located in the heart of Stavanger in Norway. The hotel consists of 12 rooms and the 2-star Michelin restaurant, RE-NAA.

At Bank Hotel, we’re all about embracing the spirit of exceptional stays, and it’s clear the Eilert Smith Hotel embodies the very essence of this. Nestled among Stavanger’s charming wooden houses, this boutique gem of just 12 rooms boasts a soul as expansive as it’s heritage. Born from a functionalist warehouse, it now stands as a modernist retreat, blending art, architecture, and fresh interior aesthetics. Staffed by a team committed to personalizing your stay, from on-demand services to tailor-made experiences, it mirrors our dedication to unparalleled guest satisfaction.

About Eilert Smith Hotel

Eilert Smith Hotel is a haven for every guest, from the globe-trotting business traveler seeking a home away from home to the discerning tourist on the hunt for a luxurious base camp. The hotel’s commitment to crafting an exceptional experience for those who seek the extraordinary aligns with our ethos at Bank Hotel. Its warm atmosphere and friendly staff create a welcoming environment, a testament to the hotel’s namesake, Eilert Smith, whose legacy of warmth, kindness, and artistic brilliance permeates every corner.

The location

The hotel is located in Stavanger, Norway. Just steps from the hotel, the vibrant city life awaits, offering a blend of culture, shopping, and dining, setting the stage for adventures in the stunning natural landscapes that define the area.

Eilert’s Residence

Eilert’s Residence is a luxurious two-story penthouse suite spanning 250 sqm atop the hotel, boasting stunning 360-degree views of Stavanger and the sea. Its design features include an impressive three-meter-wide spiral staircase and a skylight that illuminates the entrance with natural daylight.

The architecture

The architectural lineage of the hotel, tracing back to the 1930s, showcases its functionalistic roots with pride – a homage to Eilert Smith’s visionary designs. The rooms, each uniquely crafted with clean designs, marble accents, and tailored wooden features, echo their commitment to bespoke elegance and comfort. With amenities designed to pamper and delight, from complimentary minibars to fresh flowers, every stay promises to be an indulgence.


The hotel’s Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant RE-NAA offers a culinary voyage inspired by the local terroir, crafted by the acclaimed chef Sven Erik Renaa, ensuring a dining experience unlike any other.

In celebrating Eilert Smith Hotel, we recognize a kindred spirit in the pursuit of excellence, a journey we’re deeply familiar with at Bank Hotel. It’s not just about places to stay; it’s about creating memories that last a lifetime, where every detail matters and every moment counts. Eilert Smith Hotel, a small hotel that makes a big impression.

Eilert Smith Hotel

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