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Hampus, Wine & Food

Hello Hampus!


Let’s get to know our amazing sommelier Hampus at Bank Hotel Hampus in this Small Talk. 

Tell us, how did your interest in wine begin and what did you do before you came to Bank Hotel?
My interest in wine started with my first serious restaurant job. I was often asked what to drink with different courses and then felt responsible to know which drink matched each course. So it was just a matter of learning and testing, from there it has continued and flourished. I learn new things every day, that’s also why I never get tired of it. You will never be fully trained. Before Bank Hotel, I worked at Sturehof and also a short time at Oaxen Krog.

How do you work with wine at Bank Hotel?
The wine list at Bank Hotel is dominated by the classic wine countries, but with elements of wine whose origins are not so well known to the public. I am constantly striving to find the next star winemaker. It’s tough, but a fun challenge! The two most important tasks in my work are to listen to the guests, what do they require, as well as to create a wine list that fits the brand of Bank Hotel.

What are the wine trends right now?
Something that has become increasingly popular in recent years is to drink wine that comes from other origins than the “ordinary” wine countries. Slovakia and Greece for example. 

Are you a star in the kitchen? What is your special go to and what do we drink with it?
I do not know about star, but I can cook good food! My speciality is for sure Grandma’s steak rolls stuffed with cream cheese and peppers. We pair this with a Syrah from the Northern Rhône of course! 

What is your best wine memory?
Wow, that is an impossible question to answer. Each bottle carries a special memory!

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