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Cocktails Among the Rooftops with Ludwig


We had the opportunity to have a chat with Ludwig Löhr, our bar manager at Le Hibou. He tells us how he spends his free time, where h’de like to travel after the pandemic and the thoughts behind the new summery cocktaillist.

Hi Ludwig, nice to see you! For those who do not know you, who are you and how did you end up at Le Hibou?
I come from Uppsala and my career started in the restaurant business at the age of 17 at a pub in Märsta. After that I worked at various nightclubs and bars around Uppsala. For a five-year period, I have been working at many places in Sweden and Norway, including Åre, Smögen, Gothenburg and Hurtigruten. I have worked with many different kinds of bars, from award-winning cocktail bars to nightclubs and seasonal restaurants. Once the pandemic struck, I lost my job like many others. I got help from my dear father and became a carpenter for a few months before I landed the job at Le Hibou. It is a great opportunity to take care of this fantastic cocktail bar. 

What do you do on a day off?
I’m a bit of a nerd so I like to sit on the couch and play videogames on my spare time. Just to take it easy and lose myself in the virtual world. If it is not sunny and good weather outside of course, then I’m out playing with my dog Nuggets, throwing balls and going for a swim. 

Which is the best cocktail bar you have visited?
Oh, that’s a tough one since I don’t like to travel that much because I have an incredible fear of flying. But I was at a bar in Amsterdam a few years ago called Vesper and that was a great cocktail bar. Good drinks, very nice staff and cozy atmosphere.

If you have friends over and you are making them drinks, what will you serve?
Right now, I have a thing for sweet vermouth and ginger ale so that would be what I am serving. It’s just simple, very tasty and fresh.

You have a new cocktail menu at Le Hibou for the summer, it looks nice! Where does the inspiration come from?
The idea behind our new cocktail menu was to create something that suits Le Hibou as a bar and the season we are stepping into. It resulted in wonderful flavors of summer with lots of fruit and berries. On the new menu you will find a variety of cocktails with fresh flavors such as pear, pineapple, cucumber, mint and raspberry. 

How would you best describe Le Hibou for those who haven’t visited the bar yet?
It is a rooftop bar that suits everyone, whether you want to have a drink before dinner or want to sit outside on the sun terrace with a glass of cold wine in the afternoon. The interior is inspired by an exclusive Parisian suite and the view is magnificent over the city’s rooftops in one direction and Nybroviken’s water in the other. In addition to an ambitious cocktail list, we also have a solid wine list and some good snacks. We also have a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks as the ambition is that everything we put on the menu should be enjoyable without alcohol. It is Stockholm’s best rooftop terrace. 

There is another rooftop terrace above Le Hibou that few know about, BooBook. What’s going on there this summer?
That’s right! Many people do not know about it, but we have another terrace above us, that’s where you will find BooBook. It is our Chambre Séparée where we take reservations for meetings, mingles and private dinners. This summer we have a guest appearance by star chef Sayan Isaksson. He is making an Asian flavored barbecue dinner inspired by his travels to Asia. It is a delicious tasting menu. I highly recommend making a reservation. 

Once the pandemic is over, where will you first travel to?
My first trip will probably be to Vienna, to visit friends and various bars. I’m really looking forward to it!   

Thank you, Ludwig and see you at Le Hibou!

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