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In the bank vault with Hezel


Hezel works with events and meetings here at Bank Hotel. She has been here for three years and knows the bank inside and out. We met Hezel to hear more about our new event space La Voûte, as well as her best tips on Bank Hotel.

Hi Hezel, great to hang out with you for a while at Bank Hotel. Tell us, who are you and what do you work with?

Hello, Hezel here. I started as a day manager for Restaurant Bonnie’s, but a year later I also started managing meetings and events. For the past six months, I have only worked with meetings and events focused on daytime.

La Voûte is Bank Hotel’s new venue. Tell us more about La Voûte for those who don’t know. Where does the name La Voûte come from?

Like many of our names at the Bank Hotel, our old bank vault has also been inspired by bank curiosities and the French language. We bounced around many names but settled on La Voûte, mainly because it means vault and La Voûte is full of vaults.

For which events should one book La Voûte?

The best thing about La Voûte is that it is truly a multifunctional meeting and event space, where we have had everything from breakfasts, conferences, private brunches, luxurious lunches, tailor-made dinners, press and release events to loud parties without disturbing our hotel guests. We can organize most things here.

You are an expert on the entire Bank Hotel building. What does a perfect stay at Bank Hotel look like for you? Or what does the perfect 24 hours at Bank Hotel look like?

Yes, after almost 3 years at Bank Hotel, I can still say that there is much to discover as we update our concepts and services daily.

But if I were to bring someone who had never been here before, I would start with the amazing breakfast at Restaurant Bonnie’s and order my special scrambled eggs with mushroom sauce, avocado and parmesan or Eggs Benedict. Also their homemade waffle with syrup. Being morning lazy as I am, it is of course a long breakfast, until the bar Papillon opens, where we kick off the day with my favorite drink “Cloudberries”, then a long walk to Djurgården. When my stomach starts to growl again, it’s time for dinner at Bonnie’s again and there I would of course order our signature dessert “Smash the Piggy Bank” which changes accompaniments according to season. After dinner, it’s a cocktail at Le Hibou, Stockholm’s finest rooftop bar, where you not only see other rooftops, but fantastic views of the city, Strandvägen and Nybrokajen. When you have had a drink or two, it’s time to dance it off at Sophie’s, before checking in late at one of the nice hotel rooms. Of course, it will be room service in the morning until it’s time to check out.

What other event spaces does Bank have? Which ones are best suited for which purpose?

We have several event spaces that are suitable for different occasions. My colleague Rasmus and I would be happy to invite you for a tour, where we take a tour of the building where you tell us about your vision and desires for your meeting or event, and we tailor it to your needs.

Do you have any fun facts to share?

I’m not really a morning person, so I don’t know why I said yes to a day job with shifts that can sometimes start as early as 6 in the morning! But after a big cup of coffee, I am up and running and have been here for almost three years.

Finally, what does your perfect weekend look like?

I am a spontaneous person, sometimes I end up going to another city to visit friends and family, or maybe try out a new activity or restaurant. Sometimes it’s nice to just relax and have some time off, but this weekend it will be Poland.

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