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Meet Jeffrey

Jeffrey about Bonnie’s and his wine interest


Jeffrey Kelder is Bonnie’s new restaurant manager. He has worked in the restaurant industry almost his entire life, and is passionate about the unknown.

Hi Jeffrey, how nice to have a chat with you! You are the new restaurant manager at Bonnie’s, tell us a little about what you have done before, and how you got to where you are today.


Hello! I have a long experience in the industry. When I was 14 years old I started selling cakes and sandwiches in a town near Amsterdam, that was when my interest in the restaurant and hotel industry awakened, and the dream of working in the world’s top hotels. I studied at Hotelschool The Hague and had my first internship at the exclusive Anassa Resort in Cyprus. After the internship, I started to work in kitchens in Amsterdam and worked my way up from demi-chef to sous-chef.

I experienced a wonderful adventure in Beijing at the Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel. First as an intern, and then as Bar and Club Manager. After that adventure, I stayed in Amsterdam for a few years to work at Hotel De L’Europe as assistant Banquets and Bar Manager, but quickly felt that the Netherlands was too small for me. I went to Aruba to work as Restaurant Manager and Sommelier at one of Aruba’s finest restaurants, Screaming Eagle. Right before I was going to move from Aruba, I met my Swedish girlfriend. After a short holiday in Stockholm, I decided to move to Sweden instead. I got a job in Cadierbaren at Grand Hotel as an assistant restaurant manager, there I met wonderful people who I now have the opportunity to work with again at Bank Hotel! Before Bank Hotel, I was Bar and Restaurant Manager at Nordic Light Hotel and Hotel C Stockholm.


What are you most looking forward to with your new role?

Bank Hotel is one of the finest hotels in Sweden, so it’s an honor to work here. I look forward to be working with old and new colleagues, and developing Bonnie’s into an even better restaurant. We are, after all; “one of a kind”.


For those who have not visited Bonnie’s, how would you best describe Bonnie’s?

Bonnie’s is special. You can enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner in the fantastic bank hall. During the day, the dining room is full of energy, and in the evening it is cozy and full of life. Here you will enjoy very well prepared dishes and have the opportunity to order wonderful wines. Our guests have the opportunity to enjoy a whole evening with us: start with a pre-drink at Le Hibou or Papillon, dinner at Bonnie’s, and afterwards man can have a dance at Sophie’s. Those who don’t want to go home can book a room and stay for the night.


How do you find new inspiration for your creations?

I’m always looking for the odd and the unknown when drinking cocktails and wine. When I came to Sweden everything was new to me, and I learned a lot from Hannah Oscarsson at Röda Huset and Emil Åreng. They taught me about new techniques and Swedish flavors. Currently, I feel very comfortable working with natural products and raw materials from the forest and turning it into a cocktail, amongst other things. When I order wine, I usually order something new that I don’t know. The staff at Tyge & Sessil are very good at challenging me and letting me try something new every time.


What do you prefer to serve right now? Tell us about some treats on the menu.

The arctic char that we serve is delicious with a lovely Sandefjord sauce, classic but made Bonnie’s way. Wine-wise, I would probably have ordered a Weingut Leitz Berg Roseneck Riesling or a simple PYCM St. Aubin for the food!


Do you have any fun plans to share? What can we look forward to from you this autumn and winter?

I’m just getting started here so a lot of ideas are coming up, but it’s nothing I’m going to reveal right now. This fall and winter I look forward to the new á la carte menu at Bonnie’s, and to keep the whole operation moving forward.


If we came to your house privately, what would you serve for dinner?

Easy: Sate Kimbeng, Beef Rendang, Soto Ayam and Gado Gado. Indonesian food is unbeatable. But it might as well be a regular taco night!


Finally, what does your perfect weekend look like?

Hanging out with my daughter and girlfriend, and having some friends over for dinner. Then I’m happy.


3 Quick ones 


Appetizer or dessert? I usually don’t order a main course but 2 starters and dessert. Can’t choose here.

Papillon or Le Hibou? Le Hibou

Beer or wine? Wine!

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